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Unwritten A-Z Blogging Challenge

Recently, I signed up to Mysti Parker's Blog Unwritten for the A-Z blogging challenge. The theme was "I will survive" in which the bloggers tell real live stories of problems that they have overcome. I decided to take this opportunity and tell a story about a serious problem that effected me early in life - which nearly killed me.


You can check out the post below. And please be sure to support Mysti's blog.









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Shattering: My entry to the 48 HRS Youtube Storytelling Competition

This is a story that I've submitted as part of the 48 Hour Youtube Storytelling contest - in conjunction with Sci-Fi London.


I was given these three things to make the story:




Line: Sometimes you gotta know when it's time to quit.


Theme: Discovering sentient life made from dark matter


In 48 Hours, I had to write, record and upload this story to Youtube. So far it's had a fairly decent number of views. Please check it out and let me know what you guys think.



Any comments greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys.



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A Couple of New Videos

Hey guys. I got some exciting news for you! I recently uploaded a couple of videos to my Youtube channel and figured that it's only fair that I share it with you lot!


The first video I want to share is the official trailer for Final Ragnarok: She Returns. I've already done a couple of teaser trailers for it, but this is the official trailer. Final Ragnarok is shaping up to be one of the most intense stories in the Draconica series so far - it's going to be a big one!



The second one is a new fan parody series I've made. Remember how the Man in Shadow said that he was going to gather an evil army? Well the bastard actually did it! He's teamed up with some of the most despicable minds to create the team of - Totalitarian Warlords and Termination Squadron!
Follow the first of his adventures here:



Enjoy guys! More Final Ragnarok stuff is to come in the following months. Keep your eyes peeled. :)







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My Honest Review of Frozen - Part 2

WARNING: This blog contains spoilers. All opinions and conclusions in this review are my own


You can read my original review HERE and my April fools post HERE





Wow! I really have given this film a lot of attention over the past few weeks haven’t I? I guess that’s the “Frozen Effect!” XD


Anyway, if you’re reading this, chances are you already read my honest review (and probably even my Aprils Fool Day) review of Frozen. My general view on the film was, it was overrated, but still a good film. And I was prepared to leave it at that – given that some people may have been a little upset by the views I put across (although, according to the feedback I’ve had, the general consensus was it was a fair review – even if I did get a couple threatening to get their pitchforks out whilst singing Let it Go! XD). However, after posting that review – something was still bothering me about that movie. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time, so I let it go (haha, I made a funny! XD).


But the nagging feeling just wouldn’t leave me and I couldn’t help but wonder that I left out something important in the last review. So, I gave the film the second chance, thinking that maybe I’d appreciate it a lot more. And whilst my opinions expressed in my last review didn’t change – I did notice something the second time round that I missed before.


The second time round, I discovered, what I consider to be, a rather gapping plot hole in Frozen.


Before writing this post, I did speak to some of my friends on Facebook, who are all fans of Frozen in some way or another, to get their views. On the whole, they agreed with me – but did also offer counter arguments to it, which I’m going to use in this post so that you don’t just think I’m making this up on the fly.


Now, I should just warn you guys that spoilers follow – so if you’re one of the 1% that hasn’t seen this film yet – go watch it and then read this post. And if you have, let me make this clear – the intention of this post is NOT to flame or discredit this film, just to point out, what I believe to be, a big flaw in the narrative of the film. I dunno if this has been raised or not as I haven’t read any other reviews of Frozen (in fact for the longest time I was deliberately avoiding anything Frozen related), so if this has been raised, I apologise in advance.


Near the end of the film, Anna’s heart accidentally gets zapped by Elsa – which means her heart will freeze and she will die. At the beginning of the film, Anna was hit in the head, but thanks to troll magic, she was cured. Kristoff, who grew up with the trolls, then took Anna to the trolls to cure her – but the troll priest (or whatever his role was) said that only an act of love can cure a frozen heart. That’s fine, it was established earlier that attacks to the heart were dangerous. So then Kristoff takes Anna back to Hans, believing that he is Anna’s true love – only for him to reveal his true colours. Then in the final scene, Anna saves Elsa from Hans, is frozen, Elsa cries and this acts of sisterly love unfreezes Anna. Like I said in my last review, I respect this ending.


Here’s where I think the plot hole comes in.


It’s clear that Kristoff is in love with Anna, or cares for her. He even has a conversation with Sven about this after dropping her off back to Hans. So, if that was the case – why didn’t he just say to Anna THERE AND THEN, when the trolls told him that an act of love could save her. All he had to do was tell Anna “I love you” or “I care about you” or something to that effect. It wasn’t specified WHAT the act of love had to be, so I’m guessing that he just had to make Anna feel loved. BOOM! Curse removed! Now they can go and save Elsa.


Some of you may be raising some eyebrows here – but for me, this really was a gapping flaw in a story that was otherwise nicely written. It could have just been resolved there and then, but instead they had to drag it out to the end.


Now, some of my Facebook friends pointed out that Kristoff believed that Anna was in love with Hans, and that he believed that he wasn’t worthy of Anna’s love – hence why he took Anna back to Hans. True, I can accept that. But here’s my point. In doing this, he had to travel from one end of Arendelle, travelling an unspecified amount of distance to get there. How did he know that she would survive the journey? She could have just frozen up before they were anywhere NEAR Hans. If he had even a slightest chance to save her, and if he really cared for her, why not take a risk and say he loved her there and then? And if that didn’t work (or only partly worked as Kristoff’s love wasn’t strong enough to completely cure her), that at least would have justified Kristoff getting her to Hans as quickly as possible.


I mean, think about it – if you’re a doctor and someone is brought in with a fatal injury, and you have all the necessary tools to save them, you don’t just faff around – you get onto it straight away and try to save their lives before they die. If anything, this was a little cruel to Anna as she had to suffer more.


Another argument that was raised against this was that if Kristoff HAD cured the curse, then it wouldn’t have ended the way it did. This I disagree with. Even if they had removed the curse, they still needed to save Elsa. They could have cured the curse, then gone after Elsa. Then at the end, Anna could have still saved Elsa from Hans, Hans could have tried to hurt Anna, then Elsa (in a moment of awesomeness) could have used her powers to totally own Hans. This would STILL count as an act of love (as she was trying to save her sister) and therefore still help her unfreeze everything.


Not only that, but Kristoff curing the curse would actually give him a POINT in the story, rather than just being in there for the sake of having a pretty boy. As I said in my previous review, Kristoff could have easily been cut out the film and it would just have been as good. Had he done this, he actually would have had a proper role in the story.


You may think that I’m being unnecessarily harsh in me saying this, but, in my opinion, this was a flaw in the story and, whilst it didn’t ruin the movie – it could have been thought out a lot better in my eyes. Maybe there is a deleted scene or an early draft that addressed this – but I am basing this opinion purely on the theatrical release on the film, not on extras released on a DVD.


Now, just to be clear on this, I am NOT writing this with the intention of discrediting this film, or tell the writers how to do their job. I am just giving my honest opinion on what I feel to be a glaring hole in the narrative – or at the very least lazy writing. But to be fair, Frozen isn’t the only critically acclaimed movie to have a major plot hole in it. The Lord of the Rings movies had the eagles for example. Yes – even I, a fan of the movie have to raise the question that, if they could summon eagles – why did they walk to Mount Doom. And before any of you cry out “Nazgul” and their flying beasts – let’s not forget that the eagles did easily beat them in the final battle. Oh, and remember the remake of King Kong? That character constantly changes sizes throughout the film as if he has magical size reduction/growth powers (sorry, Peter Jackson – I didn’t mean to pick on you).


What do you think guys? Is this a glaring error, or am I reading too much into this? Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think. Hopefully you guys don’t think I’m picking on the movie for the sake of it. This is just my opinion – and the writer in me just had to put his views forward.



And... how many Oscar nominated films have YOU written?



Oh piss off, Hans! You’re lucky I don’t bitchslap you for what you tried to do to Elsa! >:(







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My Honest Review of Frozen

WARNING: This blog contains spoilers. All opinions and conclusions in this review are my own.



On April 1st, I posted a fake review of Frozen (which strangely, is STILL getting views and likes on my blog), which many would consider suicide considering how popular this film is. Thankfully, aside from a minor flame war on my Facebook page (which was part of the act), it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Mainly because I think a lot of people saw through the joke. Take that, Man in Shadow! XD


You guys can check out the original April Fools Day post HERE.


But anyway, I figured that, after doing that, it was only right that I did an HONEST review of it. So, I went ahead and brought myself a copy of Frozen – which makes this film the first Disney movie I have ever brought for myself! I wanted to see if this film is really as good as they say it was, but at the same time, I didn’t want to get caught up in the hype and judge it on its own merits.





So, I have just finished seeing the film and now I’m ready to give my honest thoughts. Is this really the best Disney film ever made? Well, I just watched the DVD and am writing this straight after seeing it.



Oh my gosh... this is going to be the best review ever!!! :D



My honest opinion of Frozen – overrated.






I can already hear the gasps of the millions of Frozen fans, who are probably cursing my name right now – but please just hear me out. This review that you’re reading is JUST MY OPINION. It doesn’t take away from any of the accomplishments that Frozen has done – I just disagree that it deserves a lot of the hype that it’s been getting. But I will try and explain myself as clearly as I can, so that you guys don’t think I’m trolling.


Firstly, I am NOT saying that Frozen is a bad film, because there is a difference between a film being bad, and being overrated. On the contrary, Frozen is a good film. It’s beautifully animated, the special effects are amazing and the story had a very good moral. But, I have to be honest, at times I did feel the plot moved a little slowly for my tastes.


The characters are, for the most part, brilliant. Anna was just adorable and I totally respect her as a heroine, even if she was a little annoying now and then. Elsa, well she is just awesome! I think I’d actually go so far to say that Elsa is one of the best anti-heroines ever crafted – not to mention she is smoking hot! And I’m not just saying that because she froze me in a previous review! Another character I want to give mention to is Hans – yeah, he was a total bastard, but his character development was brilliant. I love the way that he started off as the hero, only for the film to do a complete swerve and him to show his true colours. Although, I have to be honest, compared to villains like Scar and Frollo, he wasn’t that bad.


However, I have to be honest, I found Olaf extremely annoying! Not quite Jar-Jar Binks annoying, but pretty close. Also, what was the point in Kristoff? What did he actually do? And don’t try and tell me that it was him that helped Anna get to Elsa – because Anna proved herself more than capable of looking after herself. It just felt like he was put in, well, just to have a hero. They could have easily cut him out the film and it would have been just as good. Although Sven was pretty cool.


Onto the songs, which many say are the main selling point of the film, harking back to the classic Disney musical films. Honestly, the songs were – just ok – a few good ones, but most of the time it just felt like they were put in there for the sake of it and most of them didn’t really add to the scene in my eyes. They could have cut out half the songs and the film would have been just as enjoyable to watch.


Which brings me onto Let It Go, everyone’s favourite Oscar winning song. I know people love this tune, but *sharp intake of breath*, I have to tell you guys – I HATE this song!



Oh you did NOT just say that!!!



Many of you who read my April Fools post will remember I said something similar to that in the post (albeit a little more angry). To tell the truth, this was the bit that I was being 100% true. I can’t stand this song! I’d hoped that seeing it in the context of the film would make me change my mind – and whilst that bit is pretty cool, my opinion stays the same. Even before seeing this film, I just think that Let It Go has been played to death, and that it’s been played so many times it’s just become annoying. Also, I have heard some REALLY bad covers of this song and they have probably stuck with me, so that when I hear this tune I just think of that. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT trying to undermine its achievements and popularity – but there are better songs in the film. Personally, I’d say the troll song was better.


But, if there is ONE thing that I will say I really enjoyed about this film was the twist ending. (Spoilers ahead, but if you read the beginning you know that anyway). When Anna’s heart is frozen and she is dying, only an act of true love can save her. But, in a shocking twist, it’s not Kristoff that saves Anna, she saves HERSELF. Sacrificing herself to save Elsa from Hans, whilst Elsa weeps for her, her love breaks the spell. Yup, this time it’s FAMILY love that prevails. This I think was an excellent twist and all respect to Disney for going against their usual conventions. However, again, this bit totally negates Kristoff being in the film.


Some of you may be thinking about my earlier comment about this film being overrated, and you may be thinking “How can it be overrated when it’s won Academy awards, Oscars, BAFTA’s and probably a few more to come”. Like I said, I have total respect for everything this film has accomplished – but, with all due respect, I don’t judge a film by how many awards it’s won, if I did then Titanic would probably be my favourite film (another film which is good, but not that good). I judge a film based on these factors:


Do I like the story?

Do I like the characters?

Do I think it works as a film overall?


For me, Frozen only ticks one and a half of these boxes. Two at the most. Also, strangely enough, whilst Disney and Pixar are guaranteed to make me shed manly tears – this one is the first Disney film that I DIDN’T cry at. It’s not that I didn’t connect with the characters, just not enough to bring the tears out.


Now, don’t get me wrong guys – I WANTED to say that this is the best Disney film ever. I wanted to get caught up in the hype and be on the Frozen bandwagon. But, as Elsa would say “Don’t you see, I can’t.” Like I said, Frozen is a good film, but it is NOT the best Disney film ever. I can actually name 5 Disney/Pixar movies that are, in my opinion, better. And they are, in no particular order.






Up of course is my favourite Disney film, as some of you know. I have also been recommended the film Tangled so I'll be sure to add that to my list.


But, like I said at the beginning – everything you have read is JUST MY OPINION – and it doesn’t take away anything that this film has accomplished. Sorry if you guys wanted me to give this a rave review, but I wanted to be honest about my feelings. If you guys like, or love this film, or think I may be missing something, please leave a comment below to let me know what you think. Hopefully I didn’t come across as an asshole or a troll as I genuinely am not trying to upset anyone.


So, just to finish – Frozen is a good film, in fact a very good film. I just disagree with a lot of the hype it’s been getting. Hopefully you guys understand that’s just my opinion and you won’t be too upset with what I said.



He said he hated Let It Go!!!





Hey, guys... woh! Can't we just... talk about this... oh CRAP!!!


(Bolts out the door)






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