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March Disney Villain Madness Round 1 - #TeamPCBDan Gaston

Well guys, March Disney Villain Madness has officially kicked off! And we're starting this one with a bang!


Welcome to Round 1 - Cruella de Vil VS Gaston!


Links to vote for your winner will be at the end of this post, but for the meantime - let me tell you a little bit about WHY you should vote for Gaston. And why he is so incredibly awesome!






Film: Beauty and the Beast


Occupation: Hunter/Town Hero


Likes: Himself, drinking, fighting, hunting


Dislikes: Anyone that doesn’t say how cool he is


Special Skills: Super handsome, super strong, no one does anything quite like him, every inch of him is covered with hair, can eat four to five dozen eggs in one go





  • Gaston Bite: In a wrestling Match nobody bites like Gaston! And he's sure to take a chunk outta Cruella with this move!
  • Gaston Shoot: Aiming his massive rifle, Gaston fires with amazing accuracy, no doubt blasting Cruella to pieces with each hit.
  • Gaston Stomp: No one goes around stomping around wearing boots like Gaston. And when he picks up speed he will stomp over Cruella like she is a row of ants!


And yes, in case you hadn't notice, Gaston names ALL his moves after him!





  • Loved and respected by everyone in the town.
  • Narcissistic, vain and a total jerk.
  • For the most part harmless, until Belle rejects his advances and he becomes psychotic.
  • Blackmails Belle into marrying him by imprisoning her father.
  • Leads a mob to kill beast - resulting in his ultimate defeat.
  • Master hunter and fighter. His strength towers above all.
  • Notable feats of strength include lifting a bench over his head with one arm (with three people on it) and doing one armed press ups (when he was challenged at Disneyworld).
  • He may be evil - but he certainly is one of the most manly looking Disney villains despite his jerkass attitude.
  • Voiced by Richard White and has an amazing baritone voice.


Vote for your favourites now at this link. ONE vote per person and voting will close 3rd March UK time.


ROUND #1 - Cruella de Vil VS Gaston


Check out Morgan's post about her combatant at the following blog:


Morgan's Blog


If you want to keep up to date with all the latest going on, join our Facebook event here:


March Disney Villain Madness Facebook Event


See you in the next post guys! Enjoy the madness!






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An Introduction to March Disney Villain Madness

Excited for March Disney Villain Madness? I managed to get a very special guest to tell you all a little bit more about it.




Remember to come back for the 1st March when it kicks off! Which team are YOU backing? #TeamPCBDan or #TeamPCBMorgan?






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Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince now released!

Exciting news! As of today, Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince has officially been released through Paper Crane Books!




If you love to read Fantasy with a Disney and Pixar twist, this is the novel for you! Blurb is below!


One mistake can haunt a person forever and no one knows that more than Amanda Moonstone. In a time when people shun and fear magic, Amanda chooses to practice it. Her powers stem from the Dragon gems–mysterious jewels that allow her to manipulate and wield various elements. And one of them—the Blood gem—is the most powerful of them all and comes with a high price.


After losing everything, Amanda stumbles across a lost boy, who happens to be a Prince, of whom there is a large reward for his safe return. His reward will solve everything. But will it? Or is there more to life than just magic and money?


Links for the book are below:





A huge thanks to everyone at Paper Crane Books for their support. Please be sure to check out updates and more amazing stories by amazing authors at:


Paper Crane Books


Time to crack open the champagne! Thanks for much for your patience guys!






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Morgan accepts the challenge for March Disney Villain Madness!

So it appears that Morgan has accepted my challenge for March Disney Villain Madness. You can see her response below.


It's on now!






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March Disney Villain Madness


What's up guys? Got a special announcment for you all! I've put together a fun little tornament for the month of March. You heard of March Madness? Well this is my own little spin on it - March Disney Villain Madness!


Why Disney villains? Because, let's face it, Disney Villains are some of the most badass villains ever to hit the big screen! They are the ones you love to hate and the characters that invade your nightmares. But one has to ask - just WHO is the best Disney villain of all time? Everyone has their own opinion, but no one can seem to decide. Well, this tornament will answer that question once and for all!


Now, you may have heard this author called Morgan Straughan Comnick, author of Spirit Vision and voice actress. We've had this discussion quite a bit and she believes that SHE knows more about what makes a great villain than me! Well I think it's time we put up or shut up!


What I have done is put together a team of ten of what I consider to be the baddest of the Disney bad guys (and yes I've also included Pixar as well). With so many to choose from I had a tough time picking my favourites, but I think I have put together a team that stands up. Here is my selection:


#1: Gaston

#2: Doctor Facilier

#3: Charles Munzt

#4: Shere Khan

#5: Mother Gothel

#6: Lotso

#7: TAG TEAM: Shan Yu and Maleficent

#8: TAG TEAM: Judge Claude Frollo and The Evil Queen

Plus one secret opponent that I'm holding back.


Morgan, I challenge YOU to put your own team together to meet mine. Then from 1st March (probably until the end) we'll have six single matches and two tag teams as qualifiers. Then, we'll have a ten man elimination bracket tornament to decide the winner and gradually wittle them down to one winner. The winner will be crowned the undisputed King (or Queen) of the Disney villains as far as our blogs are concerned.


And YOU guys can be part of it!


When a new fight starts me and Morgan (if she takes my challenge of course) will post videos talking a little about our characters and why they are so awesome. Then YOU can vote for a winner in a separate link (which will be posted on the day). Voting will stay open for at least a couple of days or so. The dates for the opening matches are as follows:


Round 1- March 1st

Round 2- March 3rd

Round 3- March 5th

Round 4- March 7th

Round 5- March 9th

Round 6- March 11th

Round 7- March 13th

Round 8- March 15th



Be sure to check out mine and Morgan's blogs for updates as and when they happen. We'll also be posting to Youtube and you can see my challenge in video form here!






Links for our blogs are here:


Pandragon Dan

Morgan Straughan Comnick


See you for Disney March Villain Madness. If Morgan accepts my challenge that is!






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