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The Wandering Valkyr out now on Smashwords!


Hey guys. Following on from my first post about the Wandering Valkyr (see here for my previous post about it), I'm pleased to inform that the book is now available to purchase through Smashwords on multiple formats!

To check it out, please move your mouse over to this lovely link here , and you will be able to purchase a copy for yourself at a very reasonable price of less than a dollar!

The book will also be available through Amazon Kindle very soon as well - just formating some issues with some artwork. If you can't wait, you can download a kindle version through Smashwords right now!

The book is recommended for readers aged 15 and upwards. Contains some implied nudity and some violence.

Don't forget you can also get very good discounted rates on my first novel, Trapped on Draconica as well.


The above novel introduces you to the world of Draconica and the main storyline to the book. It is available as both a paperback and ebook. Currently offering some great discounts through the Read2Review catalogue. For details, click below.


Read2Review Catalogue


Thanks to those who have purchased a copy already and for the feedback thus far. I'll have more details about my writing in the future every Monday on my blog - so keep checking back for more details.

You can also find out more information about my books on my website at!dan%27s-writings.


Next post will be Monday, whereby I interview Ryan Schneider, author of the Go-Go Kids series.

Until next time, guys!




Pandragon Dan

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My New Facebook Page

I know I said I generally won't blog on the weekends, but this is a sort of special one off.

I recently set up a new Facebook page for myself. Actually, that's not entirely true. What I mean to say is that I REOPENED an old Facebook page that was set up for me by friends of mine, I forgot about and rediscovered again. Thought it would be a good idea to reopen the page and see how many followers I get on it.

I still have my Trapped on Draconica page, but given that most of the posts on there are now not exclusive to that novel, I decided to use my old Facebook page to talk about all my works, but also about my reviews and blogs and all that. Feel free to check out and like my Facebook page at the following address:


If you also have a Facebook page, let me know and I'll repay the favour. A like for a like if you will. :)

Until next time! Have a great weekend.




Pandragon Dan

My New Blogging Schedule - And A Guest Post!

Been doing a bit of thinking with my blog and I decided to mix things up a bit. Yes, doing a post every day is great, but I thought it would be even better to maybe mix and match things somewhat., so that I'm not posting for the sake of it. Also, because I work as well as write AND do book reviews, I figure it will be a lot better if I set myself targets for myself.

So therefore, starting next week, my bloging times and themes will be as follows.


Monday - These blogs will be specific to my writings. Whether it's talking about one of my recent - upcoming books, or whether its talking about a new review I've done, this will be the place to talk about it. You can check out details of where to buy my books on my website, but this will be a little more insite into them.

Wednesday - This is where I'll do guest blogs or author interviews. It will also highlight my reviews on the website Read2review.

Friday - This will just be a general writing blog, where I'll talk about anything regarding writing in general and what makes me happy/pisses me off about writing!


Generally, I won't blog on Tuesday or Thursday unless it's a special occassion or something else crops up. I'll also generally not blog weekends as I need some time to myself!

So that's pretty much it. Feel free to check back on those days to find out what's new in the world of Pandragon Dan. A big thanks to all the guys from Triberr who have resposed my blogs in the last few days (I'll always repay the favour as well). And to leave you this week, I have included a special guest blog that I did for Read2Review on self publishing. You can read it here at:


Well, that's it for me this week. Off to TNA Wrestling in Wembley tomorrow, so gonna take it easy for the next few hours (got a real bad cough at the mo). Have a great weekend people!





Upcoming Author Reviews

Being a reviewer on Read2Review, I have had the chance to review a number of excellent books by equally excellent authors. Because I think it's important to give new and independant authors a chance for their works to be exposed, I've decided to do some interviews with these writers as a way of giving them some extra exposure.

Personally I love author interviews and I am excited by this prospect. I am really looking forward to interviewing these fantastic writers and hope that you guys will give their books a go.

My current list of confirmed authors are as follows:


Ryan Schneider - Author of the Go-Go Kids Series

Mysti Parker - A Ranger's Tale

Larry Peterson - The Priest and the Peaches


More authors to be confirmed!

Are you an author that wants your book reviewed? Visit for details.

Until next time!


Pandragon Dan

Author Interview on Geostan51's Blog

Recently I was invited to do a guest interview on Geostan 51's blog - which you can read at the link below.


Please check out his blog and other author interviews he has posted.

Thanks to Geostan51 for giving me this opportunity to talk a little about myself.




Pandragon Dan

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