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The Draconica Series on Sponsume



Today I've started a crowdfunding campaign for the next story in the Draconica series - Final Ragnarok: He Returns. The final book in the Draconica series is almost ready to go - and we need YOUR help.


Please click on the link below to check out the page. There are plenty of rewards for those who sponsor it - including the chance to actually APPEAR in the book as a background character. Many neat rewards are available, so please sponsor what you can.


If you guys could share this with your friends I would be most appreciative.




Thanks in advance for all your support. :)








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20 Days to go and we need your support!

Hey guys. This is just an update about my Sponsume campaign that I have running for Legacy of the Dragonkin. So far I have managed to raise £170 of my overall target - but we're not quite there yet. I want to say a huge thanks to those who have sponsored me so far and to those who have shared my link or retweeted it, etc, but with just 20 days to go, I need a bit more help if I am going to reach my target.


To remind you of the project that I have current going, here is the video and link to the Sponsume page.



Legacy of the Dragonkin Campaign


It would be a HUGE help if you guys could help me get the word out about this campaign so that we can raise the funds for it. Remember, all funds made from this will go towards the artwork and printing costs of the book, as well as other publicity materials. Not only that, but there are lots of presents available for you if you do it!


What I'd love would be if you guys could share this blog, retweet it, or just give it a little mention on your FB, blog, etc, just to spread the word about it a little more. If you'd like to donate money towards it that would be great. Every little helps. And just remember, even though the money is mentioned in British Pounds, you can donate in any currency as far as I'm aware. I am trying to push this as much as possible in the hope that I can make Legacy of the Dragonkin as good a novel as possible.


Once again a huge thanks to those who have supported this so far - let's see if we can hit our target!


Thanks a lot and have a great week!





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Please help Sponsor my Crowdfunding Campaign - Legacy of the Dragonkin

Please help support Reynard City

Today I am giving the creator of Reynard City - Will Turner - a chance to talk about his online comic book. I have been following this comic for the last year or so and can honestly say it's one of the maddest, yet fun comic books I've read in a long time. It covers many themes and ideas not really discussed in other comics and is illustrated by a number of talented artists.


So now I hand over to Will Turner to discuss his future for the project.



Our plans for Reynard City


For those of you that don’t know Reynard City is an online comic about three superhero foxes that come to Earth to stop the evil robot Mega Fox from taking over. They include AK Girl (a superhero psychic vixen who inflates on contact with caramel), Wondervixen (a former beauty queen with a dark secret) and Hyper Rob (the son of a gangster).


Together they take on an assorted array of bizarre evil villains, ranging from the giggling nutter Humiliator to the disgruntled former caterer Caramel Girl. Thus far (at the time of this blog being posted) 20 issues have been posted on the website, as well as numerous bonus issues and short stories.


Our aim is to produce something that people will remember. To that end we are working hard to produce three online animated episodes of Reynard City and a DVD. We want people to get involved and it would massively help us out if we could have your support.


We realise that times are tough so you will get rewards for your money ranging from a credit in the next issue (£10) all the way through to becoming a partner in the project (£500). You can see more at or email for more information.



Check out all the past/future issues of Reynard City at . Please also support their crowdfunding campaign at to help support their campaign to create an animated cartoon of their comic!


Please check them out and feel free to contact the guys at Reynard City with any questions you may have.


Until next time guys!





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