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Character Interviews - Daniar Dragonkin

So last Monday we had a special character interview with Zarracka Dragonkin - the villainess of Trapped on Draconica. Well, this week we are now interviewing the heroine of Trapped on Draconica, Daniar Dragonkin.


Daniar Dragonkin, like her sister, Zarracka, is one of the Dragonkin sisters. Granted different powers by the last dragon, Dronor (of whom Daniar idolised), Daniar was given the power of flight and fire breath. She decided to use her powers to defend the people of Draconica and became somewhat of a superheroine.


But, as you will see with some of the questions here, being a great warrior isn't always all it's cracked up to be.


You can follow Daniar's adventures (along with the rest of the cast) in Trapped on Draconica - which is available in either Ebook or Paperback format.


As before, the questions are highlighted in bold, whereas the character will be listed in italics.

1) Where were you born?

I was born in St Geordia, which is in Brittana.


2) How many are there in your family?

I have a father, my two sisters Rana and Zarracka and my adopted sister Erowin.


3) What’s your relationship with your family?

Sorry to say not that great. I love my father and Erowin and I are very close – but I can’t say the same for my other sisters. Rana blames me for a simple misunderstanding, though I hope I can make up with her someday. Zarracka on the other hand – well, let’s just say we don’t exactly see eye to eye!


4) What do you do for a living?

I’m Princess of Brittana – although there’s no need for you to call me by that title. I’m also what you could call a self-professed protector of the planet. I protect the innocent from evil and helps those in need.


5) Do you have any hobbies/activities that you enjoy doing?

My job keeps me quite busy so I don’t get much time for hobbies. But when I do get a rare moment, I like to spend some time with the people of Brittana. Some think that just because I’m a Princess that I shouldn’t mix with the “common folk”. But I love to mix with them, find out their feelings about the kingdom. It’s the only way I’ll be a better Princess for listening to them.

Also, I like to train myself and keep myself fit whenever I can – but I also like to relax and read a good book now and then.


6) Have you got any special skills?

I can fly, breathe fire and know more than one form of combat. I'm also far stronger and can heal quicker than any human (although I'm by no means immortal). I also like to think I have a good sense of humour when fighting my enemies.


7) What is your marital status (ie, married, single, divorced, etc)

Single. For some reason I don’t do very well with relationships.


8) What do you look for in a partner?

I want someone kind and generous, to love me for who I am. I don’t care if they are rich or poor, or whether they are a Prince or not – as long as they have a good heart then I will be happy.


9) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Believe it or not (despite what people may think) I actually lack a lot of self-confidence. So if I could change I would be more confident about myself.


10) What is your greatest fear?

That I will lose someone I love.


11) Tell us something about yourself that no one else might know about you

I can sometimes be a little bit shy – especially if I’m being wooed.


12) What do you want most in life?

I would love to settle down and have a family of my own – but I do not think that will ever happen. My duty as protector always seems to get in the way of my dreams.





1) Who are your heroes?

Dronor was obviously a huge inspiration for me. He was the dragon I looked up to the most because he believed that all races could live in harmony and did what he could to preserve that piece. My father is also a strong role model. He is a strong ruler that cares for his people more so than any other King I know of. If I could be half the ruler he was I would be a better person for it.

Some of you may not know it, but there is this character in my world called Amanda Drake – who is the heroine in a number of stories I read as a child. She was a superhuman warrior that would often perform feats of great strength and power. I actually modelled my own look based on her a little bit.


2) Why did you let Kalak join your team when he clearly was the opposite of everything you stand for?

You know, I often get asked this. The truth of the matter is that we needed as many allies as we could in fighting Baalaria and Leonida is one of their oldest enemies. Also, Ritchie told me that Kalak was the last of his people, and as a warrior I have a duty to protect all people – even Leonidans.

I won’t lie to you, Kalak did anger me on more than one occasion – but then I saw a gentle side to him that no one else did. Perhaps I saw it as my duty to bring that out of him.

Truth be told, I think Ben was right (although I never would admit it), maybe I did fancy him and that overlooked all the problems that he had.


3) Why is it that you don’t kill, yet you don’t seem to have a problem with others (ie Kalak) killing people?

Actually, I do have a problem with others relentlessly killing for the sake of it and will always try to stop it if I can. However, sometimes in the heat of battle, this can’t always be done – especially if I’m trying to fight my own enemies.

As to why I don’t kill – I don’t believe that life is mine to take. I know the general rule of life is that you have to sometimes kill if your life is in danger, but I just won’t do it. For all I know my enemy could have a family and I would not want to leave their children without a father. People say I’m strange for doing that – but I just will not kill, no matter what.



Well, hope you guys enjoyed this little interview. They'll be more to follow in the coming weeks.


Check back here on Wednesday, when I'll be hosting a special guest post as part of The Number blog tour!


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I was going to have some kind of Valentines related picture to go with this post - but had a bit much going on! Instead, I thought I'd demonstrate my feelings of Valentines Day by having a picture from my book Trapped on Draconica, showing our heroes Kalak and Daniar sharing a tender moment.

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