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Details of the new Draconica novel

Hey guys! Exciting news for those who have been following my writing (yes - both of you. lol! XD). I am today glad to announce details of my forthcoming book - and the next chapter in the Draconica series.


The next book in the series will be called Final Ragnarok. Remember how Dolores told Daniar in Legacy of the Dragonkin that "She is coming... and Final Ragnarok will follow"... Well next book you'll find out what Final Ragnarok is! Eagle eyed readers may have noticed that Final Ragnarok has been mentioned in my OTHER books, so this is something that I've been planning for a long time.


Final Ragnarok is set to be my most epic book I've written so far - with a vast storyline that has a scale I've never attempted before. I will probably tell this story in two books, the first one out next year and then the other part a year later. I intend to make it the most balls out story so far, with bigger battles - and more personal and painful conflicts. I won't say much, but many of your fav characters may not survive this one! This book is basically my The Empire Strikes Back and I hope to try and capture the same dark and bleak elements that film had.


But don't worry - it won't all be bleak! I'll still keep in the Manga style humour that you guys have come to like. And many of your favourite characters will return in this book. Along with plenty of new ones! This book arc also will answer some questions that were raised in the last few books - Who are The Kabal? Who is the Man in Shadow? How did Daniar use that secret power before? Why does Benji have two dragon powers? And, most importantly, will Zarracka be able to go through this book series whilst keeping her clothing ON? XD


Not only that, but I can reveal that I have a brand new artist on board - Carlos Montenegro. I've only known him less than a month, but he's already turned in some amazing artwork so far! In fact I can share some teaser artwork for you now!


Legacy of the Dragonkin villain returns in Final Ragnarok, with new antagonist Rapture. Who is Rapture? Let's just say that her true identity will shake the Dragonkin to the core!


New character Baxter Coyote takes centre stage in this picture! A mercenary hero that believes himself to be a brave warrior - in actual fact he is an abject coward! He becomes Zarracka's "bodyguard" in the story - leading to some hirlarious moments! Odd couple? I'd say so!


Benji Dragonkin meets another new character, the Shining Hunter - a knight from a devoutly religious order that seeks to stop Final Ragnarok. But who is she really? Ah, now that would be telling! XD


Kalak's mind is twisted as he becomes possessed by a Dark monster inside him (and no, it's not Mordak this time). Those who followed Daniar and Kalak's relationship - better have some hankies ready, this will be one of the most painful moments in Daniar's life.


I'm hoping to have the book out sometime next year - but no date has been set as of yet. I will update this blog as and when I can - so keep your eyes peeled!


In the meantime, to catch up on all that has happened on Draconica so far, why not pop over and get yourself a copy of my other Draconica novels. Here's the link!




Thanks for reading guys. I'll keep you updated as more info is revealled!


Have a good weekend!






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Pandragon Reviews - Dragon Fate


Wow, my second book in a row with the word “Dragon” in the title! Although, unlike the last one, this is more a traditional Fantasy novel – which is always a win for me!


Most people love to have pets. Dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, snakes (yes I know some people who keep snakes). But Delno, the character in Dragon Fate trumps all that – he has a dragon for a pet! Well, maybe pet’s the wrong word to use, but even so that’s pretty cool.


Dragon Fate has been described by New Orleans books as “[One of the] Top 5 Indie-published books you haven't read, but should...” according to Amazon. So no pressure then for this review. Just kidding! Anyway, let’s settle back and review Dragon Fate by J.D Hallowell.



About The Author


J.D. Hallowell, author of the Amazon-bestselling War of the Blades epic fantasy series, has led an interesting and active life. His varied background includes time as a soldier, automotive mechanic, photographer, cowboy, paralegal, jewelry artist, EMT, psychiatric tech, massage therapist, diamond courier, dog trainer, and entrepreneur. He studied martial arts for over 30 years. Although he is now disabled by the cumulative result of injuries sustained both in and out of the military (he has been shot, stabbed, blown up, bludgeoned, poisoned, and has even had harsh language directed at him), he still writes, and has had two fantasy novels, Dragon Fate and Dragon Blade, published, and has several other fantasy and science fiction projects underway. His other interests include but are not limited to history, archery, paleontology, cooking, and weaponry of all kinds. He currently lives on the Space Coast of Florida with his wife, his son, and his Great Dane service dog.






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Not really much to say about this cover – good or bad. It’s a silhouette of a dragon against a blue sky. It’s ok, but it didn’t really stand out for me – although it does get the message across about the story.





The story is kinda like a mix of How to Train your Dragon and Eragon. Our main protagonist is Delno, a tired soldier that just wants to settle down. He happens across a wounded dragon, who chooses him as a new Dragon Rider for her child, which is named Geneva. Delno and Geneva quickly form a bond and begin their adventures. It’s a nice set up, but you may be wondering “How did Delno manage to be granted such an honour?” Well, there IS an explanation – but for the sake of spoilers I’ll leave it at that.


This was a book that had some good points, but also some issues for me. My first issue was the pace. I found it to be very slow (almost painfully in a few places) and dragged out. It’s quite a large book, and that’s not a problem (hell, I read Game of Thrones and that was about 700 plus pages long), but there wasn’t really a lot at the beginning to grab my attention. The first part of the book focuses on the bonding between Delno and Geneva, and I accept that was a necessary part of the story – but it suffered from what I like to call “Peter Jackson Syndrome”, which basically means that there was a lot that could have been cut out and it would have still given the readers enough to go on. It’s not really until they introduce the characters of Rita and Simcha that the story starts to pick up.


Also, I have to be honest, the characters didn’t do anything for me mostly. Delno was ok, Geneva was pretty good as well – but the supporting characters were a little flat for me. None of them really stood out for me and, most of the time, I had to keep reminding myself who they were. Rita was an exception – she was probably the strongest and most fleshed out character in the piece. She had a back-story that I could sympathise with and a personally which meant that I could get behind her. In some places I wished that SHE was the main character. Simcha also had an interesting back story – but he was heavily underused as a villain in my eyes.


There were also some positives in the book, I like the lore of dragons and magic within the world, especially the bond between dragons and their riders. This felt convincing enough to believe and I didn’t think that it felt clichéd in anyway. I also love the idea that magic has its own limits and dangers – I’ve never been fond of Fantasy where people can use magic freely without any danger, so this was nice. And the bond with Delno and Geneva was actually quite sweet and felt like a “Father and Daughter” bond. There were some nice little moments between them, which is one of the reasons I kept reading.


I also really liked the world it was set in. It did feel believable to me and I did enjoy the setting as a whole. Another plus is that the prose and writing is very simple and easy to pick up. It doesn’t go over the top like some Fantasy authors, therefore anyone new to the genre can easily pick it up and look through it.



PROS (Fantastic):

  • Interesting lore behind magic and dragons.
  • World was believable.
  • Easy to pick up and read.


CONS (dragging on):

  • Pace is very slow in the beginning.
  • Characters are a little bland.





Dragon Fate is a story that has a lot of potential – but its slow pacing and somewhat bland characters don’t do it justice. Which is a shame because the last few scenes are very exciting and there is some great action to be found here. However, if you’re looking for a “Slice of Life” type story then there are some really sweet scenes of Delno and Geneva bonding that will keep you happy. It has some issues, but give it a chance and you’ll find something about it you’ll enjoy.








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The Wandering Valkyr out now on Smashwords!


Hey guys. Following on from my first post about the Wandering Valkyr (see here for my previous post about it), I'm pleased to inform that the book is now available to purchase through Smashwords on multiple formats!

To check it out, please move your mouse over to this lovely link here , and you will be able to purchase a copy for yourself at a very reasonable price of less than a dollar!

The book will also be available through Amazon Kindle very soon as well - just formating some issues with some artwork. If you can't wait, you can download a kindle version through Smashwords right now!

The book is recommended for readers aged 15 and upwards. Contains some implied nudity and some violence.

Don't forget you can also get very good discounted rates on my first novel, Trapped on Draconica as well.


The above novel introduces you to the world of Draconica and the main storyline to the book. It is available as both a paperback and ebook. Currently offering some great discounts through the Read2Review catalogue. For details, click below.


Read2Review Catalogue


Thanks to those who have purchased a copy already and for the feedback thus far. I'll have more details about my writing in the future every Monday on my blog - so keep checking back for more details.

You can also find out more information about my books on my website at!dan%27s-writings.


Next post will be Monday, whereby I interview Ryan Schneider, author of the Go-Go Kids series.

Until next time, guys!




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