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Character Interview with Zarracka Dragonkin

Hey guys - my character Zarracka Dragonkin was featured in an interview on Tsukime Reads and Reviews recently. Thought it would be fun to share it with you guys!


Here, Zarracka tells all - from what she looks for in a man, how she got her name - and even how she feels about being paired up with a famous Disney Princess.


Can Tsukime survive this interview without being frozen? Read on and find out! Click on the picture below to be taken to the interview!







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Legacy of the Dragonkin Tour - Day 2


Phew! Not one, not two but THREE blog posts from me in one day! I've been a busy boy today!


Anyway, day two of the Legacy of the Dragonkin blog tour and today we visit Dina Rae's Write Stuff. Dina wanted to know a little more about the Dragonkin and the inspirations behind them. And I was only too happy to answer!


Go visit her blog to check out the post and don't forget to leave a comment for her as well!



DIna Rae's Write Stuff



Check back tomorrow for more updates the blog tour!






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Upcoming Character Interviews - Your Chance To Ask The Characters of Draconica

Thought I'd do something a little different for my blog this time around.


Seeing that Character Interviews are very popular with a lot of writers on their blogs (where they get to ask their characters some pretty important questions), I thought I'd try it myself. Starting next week I'll be looking to interview characters from Trapped on Draconica - starting with everyones favourite villainess, Zarracka Dragonkin!

Now I got my list of questions that I want to ask - but as a special gift, I am also giving YOU guys a chance to ask some questions of your own. Zarracka has agreed to answer any and all of your questions you might want to ask her. Even if you haven't read Trapped on Draconica (and shame on you if your haven't!) feel free to ask her anything. All that I ask is that you keep it clean - oh, and don't even think about asking Zarracka if she'll go out with you - she is a fictional character after all!


The interview with the seductive, yet deadly Dragonkin sister will be next Monday on this very blog - so get your questions in now. Leave a comment below or email me at with your questions. Zarracka is looking forward to them, so she tells me!


Check back next week for your answers!




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Legacy of the Dragonkin Teaser - Benji Dragonkin

Because you guys liked my last picture I put up (of Wispy the cat) from Legacy of the Dragonkin, I decided to show a little teaser of the main hero in the book.

Benji Dragonkin is the son of Daniar Dragonkin, the heroine of Trapped on Draconica (what do you mean you haven't read it yet? Shame on you!). He aspires to be a hero just like his mother and the second book basically involves him getting into scrapes. But he has a heroic fight at the end. He is named after Ben, the hero of Trapped on Draconica.


Benji is modelled after a lot of young heroes in shonen manga - such as Naruto, Yugi Moto and the like (although hopefully not as annoying!) I put him in to give the young adult readers a hero character and someone they can relate to. Much like his mother, he has a strong sense of duty and desire to do good - but he is a little naive on the ways to be warrior. Hopefully you guys will like him.


Next week I'm going to show an example of an artwork piece that features in the prologue of the book. Until then, keep checking back for more.


Also, I made a slight alteration on my "One Year On" blog. Check it out in the featured section (to your right ----->) to learn more.


Until then, catch you guys later.




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Character design by Alexis M Centeno 2012. Character concept by Dan Wright

Legacy of the Dragonkin Teaser - Wispy The Grimalkin

Another little teaser for you lovely people from my up and coming novel Legacy of the Dragonkin - now due for release Feburary 2013! Today, I'm going to showcase one of the new characters in the book - Wispy the Grimalkin.

Wispy is the new pet to Daniar Dragonkin and her family. She is of the race grimalkin, a race of talking cats. In the novel she acts as the voice of reason to the protagonist (his design to follow), but he often ignores her.


Wispy was put in to appeal to some of the younger readers. Even though my book will be intended more for the young adult readers, I do like to  include characters that appeal to all ages groups where possible. That and I just LOVE cats. In fact, I think the running theme with any of my books is that I try to put a cat in somewhere. In fact the inspiration behind Wispy was my own cat.


I also wanted to showcase this to demonstrate the different levels that my artist Alexis M Centeno can draw. Most of the images I've showcased from her have her drawing strong, heroic and fantastical creatures. Wispy is a more down to earth design and adds a "chibi" effect to the book. I think it's always good to showcase the different styles an artist can do. In fact, I have plans to possibly release a childrens book about Wispy in the future - once I get round to finish the million other novellas I have planned!


Next week I'll have a design for the protagnoist of the story - and in later weeks some sample chapters!


Until then, have a great week!




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Wispy's image copyright Alexis M Centeno. Character by Dan Wright.

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