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Ebook Recommendations - An Eggcellent Proposal by Misty Baker

Mysti Parker (or Misty Baker as is her real name) is an author that I have lauded pretty much since I read her first book A Ranger's Tale (which I still read every now and then when I get a chance). She is currently one of my favourite authors and a writer who I am in awe of - you could say I'm somewhat of a fanboy (lol). Her style of writing is extremely visual and her characters are so well crafted it's impossible not to fall in love with them. I've had the pleasure of interviewing her and doing a guest post on her blog Unwritten - she's a lovely lady and has given me a lot of advice as an author. I kinda consider her an inadvertant mentor because the advice she's given me is so great.
But today I'm taking a moment to let you guys know of a new ebook that she's currently released. If you're looking for a book that will put you in the Easter mood, you just need to click on the picture below and be taken to the book page. It's a really good feel good story that really shows you the spirit of giving at Easter can be more than just chocolate.

Hope you enjoy this story - I certainly did. Thanks to Misty for writing a great feel good story. I am currently waiting for the sequel to A Ranger's Tale with baited breath.


Take care guys and have a great weekend!





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The World of Draconica - Where to buy my novels


Hey guys! I recently updated my site to include more information on the books that are currently for sale. Because I recently discovered that, whilst the website did contain a lot of info about the books, it failed to mention one important thing -  where to buy them!


Both my books Trapped on Draconica and The Wandering Valkyr are both set in the fantasy world of Draconica - yet are completely stand alone stories in their own right! Trapped on Draconica is a stunning full length fantasy novel that contains amazing Manga style artwork by artist Alexis M Centeno. The Wandering Valkyr is a novella, but expands on the world of Draconica a little more.


Both books are currently available as an ebook, although Trapped on Draconica is also available as a paperback book. In fact, the paperback contains stunning artwork not included in the ebook versions!

To find out where to purchase (or download) a copy of these books, please go to the following link on my website and select Dan's Writings. Here you can scroll through to see where you can buy a copy of the book and even find some free short stories as well!






Not only that, but if you want to know more about the world of Draconica - I have created a wiki page that expands on the world even more. All articles are spoiler free so you can be assured that it won't give away any major twists about the books - and even has some information that isn't explained in the books.


Thanks to all those who have purchased a copy so far - for those who haven't please check out the site and buy your copy.


For anyone who has any questions, or would like to know about any special offers currently going on, please email me, FB or Tweet me and I will get back to you to let you know.


Have a great week guys!





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(EDIT: As of 24th March, both books have been taken off Smashwords until further notice. Therefore you can now only download the novels in digital format through Amazon kindle. For those who don't own a kindle, you can download the software onto your computer, android phone, Iphone, Blackberry, etc. See Amazon's site for details).

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