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Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince now released!

Exciting news! As of today, Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince has officially been released through Paper Crane Books!




If you love to read Fantasy with a Disney and Pixar twist, this is the novel for you! Blurb is below!


One mistake can haunt a person forever and no one knows that more than Amanda Moonstone. In a time when people shun and fear magic, Amanda chooses to practice it. Her powers stem from the Dragon gems–mysterious jewels that allow her to manipulate and wield various elements. And one of them—the Blood gem—is the most powerful of them all and comes with a high price.


After losing everything, Amanda stumbles across a lost boy, who happens to be a Prince, of whom there is a large reward for his safe return. His reward will solve everything. But will it? Or is there more to life than just magic and money?


Links for the book are below:





A huge thanks to everyone at Paper Crane Books for their support. Please be sure to check out updates and more amazing stories by amazing authors at:


Paper Crane Books


Time to crack open the champagne! Thanks for much for your patience guys!






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Interview with J.S. Council - Airion Series

Well guys, I promised that J.S Council would be back and she is! She took time from her busy schedule to do a little interview with me! So without further ado, here she is again to tell us a little bit about how she got the idea for this book, how she would deal with trolls - and who would win in a fight between Sailor Moon and Elsa! The result of which may upset some fans! XD


Let's not waste any time and get straight down to the interview!




Hey Jessika, thanks for coming back to my blog! So what’s new with you?


Hi Dan! It is so good to be back on your blog. Thank you for having me again. As you can probably tell, I have been extremely busy with work, writing, wedding planning, and my plot to take over the world (hehe), but the start of this year could not be any better! I hope all is well with you as well.



For the benefit of the readers, tell them all a little bit about yourself and why you became a writer.


Well, I’m an administrative assistant at a pretty large property management company by day. By nights, weekends, and lunch breaks, I’m an author of two novels and in the creation phase for the third. Along with my love for all things Japanese (language and culture), dance, anime, and art, writing completes my life in unexplainable ways. Even when I HATED reading as a child, creating life through verbiage was better than eating ice cream on a hot summer day.



Coolio! Now tell my readers a little bit about your Airion series. What’s it all about?


It is always so hard to capture my series in a few sentences but I’ll give it a shot. Airion is an epic fantasy series set in an underwater world, called Airion. The main protagonists, identical twins, Kobi and Raili, are thrust into a whirlwind of danger and adventure when Raili is kidnapped by the enemy sister country of a nation they had no idea they were from. Everyone keeps telling them that they are destined to raze a great nation but not all destinies are written in stone.



And where did you get the inspiration for this series?


Ironically enough, I got my very first inspiration for this series from a combination of a wet spot on the carpet of my college dorm room and an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog (the episode where Courage has to save his masters from an underwater world after they were sucked down through a puddle of water).



Oooh, interesting! Now, without giving away too many spoilers, tell us a little bit about your latest book.


Airion: Light and Dawn is a continuance of Airion: Return to Zire. The twins are now 14 years old and have gained the epically massive powers that everyone fearfully awaits in the first novel. Due to the circumstances of how book one ended, the twins are forced to fight one another in book two. With Kobi controlling wind, water, and lightning and Raili controlling fire, earth, and lighting, no one is sure what is more dangerous—their combined power if they are together or the clash of the elements if they fight against one another.



Sounds intense! And if the cover is anything to go by it sounds like it's gonna be epic!




So how long did it take you to write it?


Unlike the Return to Zire, which took almost four years to write due to poor planning, Light and Dawn, which was MUCH better planned out, only took 6 months to plan and write out. It was much smoother this time so I’m using the same method for book three. ^_^



What inspired you to write this book/series?


Well, after the first book, there is no way I couldn’t write this one. ;p



Correct answer! So is writing your hobby or your main profession?


As much as I wish writing was my main profession, it doesn’t pay the bills at the moment so I guess I’ll have to call it a hobby... For now. ^_^



Yeah I know that feeling! XD Do you have any other hobbies other than writing?


Oh, I have hobbies aplenty! I have been a dancer since I was six years old. I also draw, speak, read, and write Japanese, and sing (karaoke...:))



Newsflash! Hollywood just contacted you and said that they want to turn your series into a big budget film – and you get to choose the cast, director and music. Well not really - sorry. But if that DID happen who would you pick?


That is a good question. I get this one quite a bit but my answer always changes. I would actually like for this series to be CG animation with the likeness of The Adventures of Tintin movie. I would also like for Steven Spielberg to be the director, and Josh Whechelto to write the music. That would make for one EPIC movie series I think. ^_^ As for voices…. That would all depend on who could truly capture the character. They don’t have to be famous, just good at what they do.



As a follow up question – can I make an appearance in it? XD


Can you voice act? If so, HECK YEAH! Come on down!



Can I voice act? Well, I DO have my own Youtube series you know! XD Anyway, let's have another hypothetical situation. Someone has just told you (either via email or to your face) “Your book sucks!” How do you react?


FINISH HIM!! Haha, I’m just kidding. No, honestly, I would try to engage in conversation about why the book wasn’t satisfactory to him or her. If there was something that I could address, I would work on it for the future and learn from it. But if the person just didn’t like the storyline or something, I would just brush it off as difference of opinions or taste. You can’t please everyone.



Too true, my friend. Too true. So what is the most important lesson you’ve learned as an author that you can impart to other inspiring authors?


You can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy when it comes to planning, writing, and publishing your novel. It is easy to criticize yourself to the point of stagnation but DON’T DO IT!! Keep going and push through it until it’s done.



I might have to follow that advice myself. Now, where do you see yourself in five years time from now?


Hmmm, I see myself in the middle of writing my second series, which I have already started thinking about. I can also see my first series in the process of being made into a movie (Any film people out there want to take a stab at it??). Life in 5 years is going to be sweet! ^_^



Cool. Wish you all the best with that :) Ok, now how about some more general questions? What’s your favourite time of year? Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn? (that’s what we Brits call “Fall”)


Summer, Summer, Summer, and more Summer! During these winter months in Washington D.C. I am reminded of how much I really adore the smouldering hot sensation of summer!!



Favourite TV show or film?


That is darn near impossible for me to answer. Haha. With sooooo many good dramas and films out there that are great for different reasons, naming just one is just plain cruel! Cruel I tell you! However, Kill Bill Vol. 1 should be noted as one of the best action movies of all time… Just saying.



Favourite Actor or Actress?


Come on, Dan! That’s hard, too! Will Smith and Denzel Washington is a given, but I am really liking Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez right now. ^_^



Ok, I'll try to make the next question a little easier. Favourite band/musician?


I would have to say that my favorite singer at the moment is still Florence and the Machine. Lately, I have been getting into a lot of dubstep music (Thanks to my friend and constant companion, Pandora) and my favorite bands for that are The Glitch Mob and Blackmill right now. ^_^ Good Stuff!



Favourite animal?


Dolphins HANDS DOWN! They use 20% of their brains capacity (Humans can’t even do that), they have their own language, including giving names to one another, and they also have the creativity and learning capability of a toddler, which means that they are permanently stuck in the phase where everything that they experience is soaked up like a sponge and stored in their brain so that they learn and conform for the future. See you got me started…. I could literally go on all day. Haha. Dolphins are truly amazing creatures. Hope that people will start to realize what is happening to them in Japan and stop it.



Interesting. Do you have a “writing ritual” or anything like that?


I have to be in the mood to write. I can’t be too happy/excited or too sad/angry. I write best when I have a cup of tea or coffee sitting on the table to my right side. I have to be outside or sitting by a window (in the winter) or it doesn’t work. Before I can start writing my actual novel, I have to have the story planned out in my Writer’s Journal or I’ll hate my life when the Writer’s Block comes (which it will). ^_^ Oh yeah, I have to use only blue ink when writing in my Writer’s Journal.



Yeah I'm kinda the same in that respect. Now, you have a choice of either attending a beach party, visiting a comic convention or going to see a huge music concert. Which one do you pick?


Wow, another difficult question. If you changed comic convention to Anime Con, I would have to go with that. But in this case, I would beach it all the way! There is nothing like a good beach party.



In case you hadn't noticed, I don't like my questions being TOO easy to answer! XD What’s the one thing you can’t live without?


That is a tossup between my phone, my driving/walking music, and my Writer’s Journals, which I take them both with me everywhere whether I get to use them or not.



What is your biggest pet peeve?


This definitely wasn’t a pet peeve until I started driving again this year but I would have to say when people change lanes suddenly without signalling. Oh my goodness, it burns my butter when people do that! Also hate it when people type “how r u?” in messages, emails, or even texts. It burns my eyes.



OMG IKR? I mean like WTF r they thinkin? rofl! Ahem, moving on... What do you think the meaning of life is?



Well, honestly, I’m not sure if there is a divine meaning of life as we know it. I think the meaning of life is to actually live and thrive in your life’s pursuit of happiness. Have fun, have adventures, learn everything, and most of all, ensure the survival of your children and theirs by helping to leave the world in a better condition than you found it and full of wonderful books to read. ^_^



Ok, now for some just for fun questions! Why did the chicken cross the road?


See, what had happened was, he dropped a dollar and the wind blew it to the other side, so he had to go over there to pick it up. That’s the true story of why the chicken crossed the road. ;P



And we've finally solved the mystery! But how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.



You get the day to spend with your favourite fictional character. Who do you pick and what will you do?


I would love to spend time with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (All four of them). We would eat pizza and I would have them teach me about their individual fighting styles. That would be an epic day.



As long as it's not the Michael Bay Turtles then that gives my thumbs up. Now, imagine you suddenly find yourself gaining superhuman powers (for any number of reasons) similar to Kryptonians. Place these superpowers in order of preference (highest to low). Superstrength, superspeed, superbreath, superhearing and supersight.


Easy! Superspeed, superstrength, supersight, superhearing, and then superbreath.



Now let’s go back to that nasty person who said your book sucked! Using any or all of the above powers, what will you do to this troll if given the chance?


Hahaha... Dan... There could be children reading this... Hehe. :P Let’s just say that troll would being buying a copy of both novels for their entire family when I was done with him/her. Oh, and they would be really flexible moving forward. :)



 Oh no! Evil ninjas are attacking! How do you react?


I would go into J. S. Stealth Mode, cornering each ninja individually and taking them down in style.  Actual Reaction: Run away screaming Home Alone style with my arms flailing above my head, hoping my fiancé would swoop in and save me.  



Ok - now this one MAY upset a few fans but I have to ask this! Who would win in a fight between Sailor Moon and Elsa from Frozen?


Oh, now that is a fight I would LOVE to see. I would say Sailor Moon would be the victor because she has fought plenty of people with freeze powers and canned them when she did her dance finishing move. As always, she would get beat up pretty bad first though. Haha.



To any Frozen fans that might be upset with this result, all I can say is... Let it go XD Anyway, Ben Affleck as Batman. Does that work for you?


I don’t know about that.... I’m actually kind of worried about this casting. We’ll have to see, but I’m not convinced yet. He has some big shoes to fill.



To be fair, people didn't want Michael Keaton as Batman when he first did it, but he turned out ok. Though as far as I'm concerned, no one will ever play a better Batman like Kevin Conroy!  Now, this is something that has been bugging me for a while. What DOES the fox say?

The fox said a lot of things in that song. Haha. I actually missed it when it came out a few years back because I was still in Japan and it was never big over there. Interesting video for sure, but the fox should have said, “Buy J. S. Council’s Airion Series on Amazon!!” Hehe!!



Excellent! What a clever fox! Now, aliens have arrived on Earth and you’re the first person to speak to them. What do you say to them?


I would walk right up to them and say….. “What the heck took you so long? I’ve been waiting on you forever? E.T. said he would be right back and that was like 20 years ago, man!”



*sniff* That brought back some feels! Anyway, final question... and this is the big one. On a scale of 1 to Awesome, how much do you think Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is gonna rock?



I’m sorry Dan, I not sure your scale is accurate enough. I think it is going to be FREAKIN AWESOME! I’m so excited!!



Freaking awesome it is then! Thanks for stopping by!


I hope everyone had as good a time reading these answers as I did writing them. Thank you so much for having me again, Dan. As always, it has been a blast and a pleasure chatting with you today. Seriously, if there is anything that you need from me, please let me know. ^_^



And just to end the interview, you can find links to the Airion series and J.S Council's twitter at the following links.



Airion: Light and Dawn on Amazon




Facebook Page











Until next time. Have a great weekend!






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Excerpt from Airion: Light and Dawn

I had planned to do another blog this week, but due to my voice having gone (as a result of the TNA Impact Tour in London - which was a great show BTW) I decided to give my voice a rest.


But don't worry I have something planned today that I think you guys will love!


Recently, J.S Council published the next book in her Airion series - Airion: Light and Dawn. I reviewed her first book Airion: Return to Zire back in the Read2Review days and, though I gave her a hard time about the typos and gramatical errors, I still found the book to be hightly enjoyable and was interested when I heard a new book was coming out.


As such, I decided to let J.S to have a little time on my blog to talk about it. So this is one of two posts where I'll be featuring J.S.


Firstly, I decided to let her give a little excerpt from her book, to get you guys a little taster. Enjoy!



Authors note:


Although both of the protagonists in the Airion Series are males, the twins Kobi and Raili, this is an excerpt showing the strength of the women of Airion. The might of Zire’s army general’s daughter, Salina, as she fights for her life against the demons in the Huzen Forest in chapter 21 of Airion: Light and Dawn.





Come on, Salina, she thought, desperately trying to calm herself. No battle has ever been won with emotional warriors. These were her father's words. He would say them to her when she got upset during training sessions. Of course, that would only make her more upset but, in the end, both of them would end up on the ground laughing at the Zirian sky. Father…

Salina had never wanted her father more. Instinctively, she put a shaky hand up to the charm on her neck. She had promised both Kaiyen and Kobi she'd return home safely. Neither of them had ever broken such a promise to her and she wasn't about to fail them on her first time out.  

Taking a few last calming breaths, Salina closed her eyes and breathed as slowly and quietly as she could. With her heart no longer pumping into her ears, she concentrated on hearing the dark world around her.

She was well aware of the dangers that lurked on the grounds. The image of dozens of Huzen demons etched its way through her mind's eye. They must have realized she was up there by now. But when Salina looked down towards the ground, she saw only the outline of the blackened trees.

The ground seemed to be empty, although it could very well have been a trap to lure her down from the tree, not that Salina knew exactly how she would get down. Her shoulders stung with every movement she made and she was sure she was badly bleeding. The treetops could be as dangerous as the ground so Salina had to act fast. Reaching into her vorxac, she found a glass vial. Kaiyen always put healing oils in clay vials and healing tonics in glass vials. It was only at this moment that she understood why. The textual difference was like night and day.
Salina opened the vial and drank the contents. Immediately she could feel the tingle of her body healing itself. For the next few hours at least, her body would work to repair the damage she'd endured during her capture. But, also, if she gained new injuries, the medicine would work to heal them as well.

Salina was just thanking her father for being so predictable when she heard a noise coming from the ground. Straining her eyes, she saw a figure running towards the tree. Immediately, she graded the hilt of her sword.

"Salina? Salina, where are you?" called a familiar voice. Salina's heart leapt in relief. An hour before, she would never have thought Lot's voice beautiful, but now it sang melodies in her ears.

"I'm here," said Salina, wincing as she moved to the edge of the large branch. "I'm in the tree."

"Are you okay?" Lot called from the ground. "Are you hurt?"

"A little but I'm fine," said Salina, feeling the soothing tingling sensation of her body rapidly healing itself.

"This tree's branches grow close to the ground so you should be able to make it down," called Lot. "Can you climb down or should I come up and help you?"

"I can come down," said Salina, not wanting to be in the tree any longer than she had already. "Where are the Huzen?"

"They must have run away when the raptor came," said Lot. "Just take your time climbing down; I don't want you to get hurt."

Branch by branch, Salina slowly climbed down the tree, the hairs on the back of her neck starting to stand on end with every branch she descended. Something was wrong.

"Come on," Lot coached. "You're almost here. I'll catch you if you fall, so don't worry."

Salina couldn't place what it was or why, but her heart began to race. Something was off. What was it?

"Where are Winiki and Kai Ventra," asked Salina, trying to sound as casual as she could. "Shouldn't they be with you?"

"They're safe," said Lot. "I told them I'd find you and bring you back. They should be waiting for us back where the raptor took you."

Salina was almost at the bottom of the tree, almost in reach of Lot's out stretched arms, when a gleam caught her eye. The short sword she had lost was sticking out of the last large branch before she could safely jump for the ground.

"Come on," said Lot. "I'll help you."

"It's okay. I can manage," said Salina, trying to sound calm although her heart was beating out of her chest.

The Lot she knew had never been so nice and he would never have left Winiki and Kai Ventra alone to look for her by himself. Whoever this was, it was not Lot. It had tricked her into coming down and there was no way she could climb back up again. Her only means of survival now was to retrieve her sword and fight.

Quickly Salina grabbed her blade and jumped from the tree just as the Lot imposter lunged at her legs. Salina landed on the ground and rolled to her feet. The roll hurt her already injured shoulders but she ignored it. The Lot imposter had changed to his true form and was advancing toward her with outstretched claws.

Its long, sharp teeth and marble eyes glowed in the darkness. Salina could smell its putrid stench as it breathed heavily. Salina grabbed her second blade and attacked the creature. Hitting blow after blow until it turned and ran, limping, into the trees.

Salina didn't rest. She heard something else approaching from behind. It was another creature just like the first one. The Huzen demons, thought Salina, horrified. They had been waiting for me to come down this whole time and I fell right into their trap!

Infuriated by her own stupidity, Salina spun her body, cutting down the Huzen before it had a chance to attack or retreat. It lay motionless on the ground as two more took its place. Suddenly, the amount of Huzen eyes she'd seen before came flooding back. The forest was full of them. For every one she'd cut down, two would always take its place.

Two tried to flank her, but Salina lowered herself, spinning on one leg as she held her swords out firmly on either side of her. She connected with the legs of both demons and finished them off quickly when they fell to the ground. Salina's body wasn't healing fast enough to keep up her fighting pace and the pain in her shoulders was starting to grow. But, as another Huzen came into view, Salina pushed all thoughts of her pain out of her mind.

This one was much bigger than the rest she'd encountered and Salina could have sworn she saw it land into place from somewhere high above. The Huzen attacked. It was fast! Much faster than Salina had ever thought possible for such a large being—it towered two head and shoulder lengths above her.

Salina raised her swords just in time to deflect the assault. But the force of the blow knocked her off her feet. Salina scrabbled up, her jaw set, and faced her attacker with fury in her bluish green eyes.

"I am not going to die here!" she yelled as the massive creature roared and charge her again. This time, she was ready for its speed. She dodged the blow, keeping her now aching left wrist clear of the attack. Kicking off of a tree to add power and speed, she stabbed both swords into the monster's unguarded side, just under the ribcage. It roared and swung a boulder sized fist back toward her. The young Heal Maiden dislodged her swords and dove out of the way in time to avoid the blow and watch the beast tumble to the ground where he lay motionless.

Salina's body felt weak from the fighting, blood loss, and her body's constant efforts to heal itself, but she pulled herself up defiantly as she heard another sound coming from beyond the trees.

"Salina? Salina!" hissed a voice she'd heard once before. "Salina, come on, I just heard—" The voice of Lot cut off as his silhouette emerged from the trees.

"Salina? Are you okay?" asked the figured looking around the ground filled with dead Huzen. He made to come toward her.

"Stay where you are," said Salina, pointing her swords at him in a deadly stands. "If you don't, I will kill you!"

The figured stopped, holding up his hands. "Look," he said. "I'm not here to hurt you, alright? I heard something over here that sounded like fighting so I came this way, okay?"

"Where are Winiki and Kai Ventra?" demanded Salina. She was not going to be tricked again. " Why are you alone?"

"I wouldn't be if I could help it, trust me," said the voice of Lot. Salina sensed that familiar trace of bitterness in his voice. "We were looking for you when Winiki was taken the same way you were. Kai Ventra told me to keep looking for you and she ran off in the direction Winiki was taken. I tried to tell her it was more dangerous alone but the stubborn woman wouldn't hear of it. Look, can I put my hands down now? I'm not a rabid killer. I just want to get those stupid leaves and get out of here!"

Relief flooded Salina as she realized that this was, indeed, the true Lot—no one could fake that demeanor. She sheathed her swords and hugged him before he could make a move to stop her. To her surprise, she felt his arms wrap around her. She was about to reach for her swords again when he spoke. "You're getting me all bloody."

Salina stepped back muttering a meek apology, relief making her body feel even weaker.



Wow! This Salina sounds like one kick ass character! :D Be sure to get your copy of it very soon at Amazon and be sure to follow J.S Council on Twitter.


Airion: Light and Dawn on Amazon




I'll have an interview with the author very soon! Be sure to check back for that :)


Have a great week guys






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Excerpt from Airion: Light and Dawn is owned by J.S Council. Excerpt used with permission

Panda Dan Monium Vlog 3: My New Novel

Today on my vlog I talk a little bit about my upcoming novel, Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince. Here you'll get a look at more artwork and learn a little more about the story of the book.


And if you could share this video with everyone that would be great. Thanks for the support as always guys.





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Updates to the world of Draconica

It’s been a while since I last did an update blog, so I decided today to let you guys know what’s happening in the world of Draconica at the moment.


First of all, some bad news. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve not posted anything about Final Ragnarok: He Returns, which is to be the last novel in the Draconica series. Unfortunately, the reason for this is that, due to circumstances beyond my control, Final Ragnarok: He Returns has been put on hold indefinitely. Don’t worry, the novel has NOT been cancelled – it’s just been put on hold whilst I sort a few more things out. So those who were on tenterhooks from Final Ragnarok: She Returns and wondered how it will end, you’re just gonna wait a bit longer I’m afraid.


But fear not! For those wanting their Draconica fix, The Dragonkin comic is still going on webtoons. In fact more episodes have been added in so you can see how the fight between Mordak and Zarracka goes on. To see more episodes, head over to:


The Dragonkin on Webtoons


And while you’re there, why not check out Alexis M Centeno’s thriller comic Grandpa. It’s doing really well and is in with a chance of winning!




And finally, the big announcement – it was recently announced via Paper Crane Books that Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince now has a release date of 24th February! I have also been handed the final manuscript to work through and my artist is just working through the final bits of artwork for it. I am REALLY excited about this, guys and can’t wait for the book to be out.


But if you want a little taste of what to expect, I have just released a sample chapter of the book on my Patreon page. So if you’re a patron you can read it before anyone else! Head over to my Patreon page to see for yourself.


Amanda Moonstone: The Missing Prince Prologue on Patreon (Patrons only)


More updates to come as and when they are released. Watch this space!






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