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Author Interview - Jessika Council

Well, this is the last Author Interview that I am doing this month - and I decided once more to revisit an old friend.


A couple of years ago, I reviewed Jessika Council's book Airion: Return to Zire, which I kinda gave a hard time due to the amount of typos that there were in it, but I geniunely did enjoy reading it. Thankfully, Jessika didn't take my comments personally and she agreed to this special author interview - which I wanted to do to make up for the bashing I gave her for the review. I'll also give her a chance to offer a giveaway for her work like I've done with the other authors that have featured here.


So please welcome to my blog, the marvelous Jessika Council! (round of applause!)



Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today, Jessika. So, why don't you tell the nice people what inspired you to get into writing?


I’ve always loved writing. There is something about creating life on a page that is so satisfying.



Too true! Who are your favourite authors?


J. K. Rowling, Stephen King, and Erin Hunter are three of my favorite authors. They all create amazing worlds, plots, and characters.



Which, in your opinion is more important – story or characters?


I think good characters create the story. The best story goes down the toilet with crappy characters.



I agree there. What do you look for in a good story?


Character development is very important. But beyond that, I like to walk away from a novel feeling invested, not wanting it to end, excited for the next novel, or feeling as if I’ve learned something.



I feel the same way about any novel I read. What’s the best advice you can give to authors?


Not everyone is going to feel the way you do about your work. This is not to say that you should sell your soul to gain fans. If you don’t want to write about love triangles, vampires, or werewolves, DON’T. Write what you want and keep writing. The fans will come.



I totally agree with you there! Writers should tell the stories that they want to tell. So tell us, what is the title of your most recent/soon to be released novel?


Airion: Light and Dawn



Can you tell us a little about it?


This is book two of the Airion Series. Kobi and Raili are constantly challenged by destiny, which is trying to pull them apart. I can’t say more than that without giving away the first book Airion: Return to Zire.



Oh we can't have you posting spoilers now, can we? Lol. Have you worked/are you working on anything else?


I am currently plotting book three of the Airion Series, Airion: The Ruins of Drake. I am very excited about this book because there will be a significant setting change, new characters, and a large twist to the series plot.



Ooooh, plot twist! I like those! Do you have any favourite characters in the story


I hate to play favorites with my characters, it’s almost like choosing your favorite child. But, admittedly, I do have some characters that I favor more than others. Black Master Rick, Trayn Saio, and Kai Ventra are among my favorites. But, of course my twins, Kobi and Raili, have my heart. :)



Yeah, we authors always seem to pick favourites, despite our best not to. If your book was turned into a film/TV series, who would you get to play the characters?


That is a loaded question. I think that they would have to get all new actors to play the characters in this series, because it is such a strange setting and the character’s ethnicities aren’t conventional. It will have to be almost like the new actors in the Chronicles of Narnia movies.



That's pretty cool - choosing new actors rather than big name ones. I think that makes a film that more realistic. So, do you have any other hobbies other than writing?


Oh… So many… I dance everything from contemporary to hip hop, I sing (pretty well I guess), Draw (my mom has a little gallery in her place full of my drawings) I love Japanese Culture, Anime, and I speak Japanese. On top of all of that, I am a huge dork for science and history. Yeah… I think that’s it. Lol



Nice! Anime lovers are always welcome on my blog! Are you a summer or winter person?


I LOVE SUMMER!! I don’t like winter at all, although my favorite holidays are in winter, as well as my birthday. Just my luck.



Summer kicks ass! Are you a night owl or morning person?


I am definitely a night owl. I sometimes characterize myself as a child that loves to fight sleep every night. Even if I’m sleepy, I will find a reason to stay awake until at least 1 or 2 in the morning. Horrible, I know.



What is your favourite food/drink?


Japanese and Italian food is my favorite. As for drink, I am a big fan of water and juice. I’m not a big fan of soda (unless it’s ginger ale or orange soda).



Cool. Now for the big one. Who would win in a fight between a zombie ninja dragon and a cyborg unicorn with advanced weaponry?



Hmm… good question… I would like to think that the zombie ninja dragon would win. Cyborgs are hard to kill, the ninja dragons are epic. :)



Cool. Ok, now the fun part. You are a superheroine and you have to pick your powers. For this, I picked a superheroine I think you'll be happy with!






You're welcome. ;)


Anyway, would you prefer superstrength or superspeed?


Superspeed, for sure. I could go anywhere in a fraction of the time. Maybe even travel at the speed of light and discover time travel, going backward or forward in history to see some of the world’s greatest moments the way they really happened.



Cool. Flight or teleportation?


Flight. I would fly to the store if I could. I love flying.



Gale-force breath or freeze breath?


Hmm… That’s some strong breath… I would have to go with Gale-force breath. I hate the cold.



Me to. Heat vision or telekinesis?


Undoubtedly telekinesis! How cool would it be to be able to move things with your mind. Did you know that humans only use about 10% of their brain and some scientists speculate that humans could possibly become telekinetic if they could use 100% of their brain? Very cool! (Yes, I’m a dork ^_^)



That's a cool fact! Personally, if I even used 1% of my brain we could get things done! XD Final question,   Invincibility or accelerated healing factor?


Hmmm… that’s like being a vampire or an original vampire in that American drama The Vampire Diaries (Great show by the way). I would rather be an original, which is the same as being invincible. Invincibility rocks!! :)



It sure does! Well thank you for being so cool in talking to me today. Jessika has also kindly agreed to offer some discounted rates for her current book Airion: Return to Zire. All you have to do is use this special code - XJ73W -  to get some discounts by putting it in at check in! Click on the pic below to be able to get yourself a discounted copy now!





You can connect with Jessika at the following links:






Barnes and Noble




A huge thanks to Jessika for taking the time to talk to me and good luck with your new novel. It was a pleasure to have you.


Well guys, that's it for this month with Author Interviews. I'll be doing another one in a few months time, so authors, if you want to be featured on my blog, please get in touch at any of the...





Ok, just what the hell is going on here? These things have been appearing in my blog for days now. I want to know who is doing this! Show yourself now!


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Mysterious Voice: Hehehehe. Don't worry, Dan... I'll look after you blog whilst you... take a nap...








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Author Interview and Giveaway: Michelle Horst

Hey guys. Today I'm very excited for two reasons.


Firstly, it's St Patricks Day! So to start off - Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!


Now, onto the most important part of today. I'm excited to welcome back to my blog, Michelle Horst!
A couple of years ago, I reviewed Michelle's novel Vaalbara: Visions and Shadows. Whilst I had some reservations of the content and wondered if it was too overly dark for some readers, I was drawn to her excellent storytelling and characters. Having got to know her outside of writing, I can honestly say that she is one of the most honest and funniest people I know! She's a fantastic author that has gathered a strong, dedicated following of readers.
I'll be reviewing her novel Wake Me Up in a couple of months time - but today she's agreed to join my blog for an interview - and I'm glad that she's agreed to do so! So let's welcome Michelle to my blog and get to know her a little more!




Michelle, thank you so much for joining me on my blog! It's a pleasure to have you here today! Why don't you tell the readers what first inspired you to get into writing?

I’ve always loved reading. I started scribbling some poetry down as a child, and I guess the bug bite back then already. In my late twenties I started playing with the idea of writing an actual novel, but I only got the chance to sit down and write my first book in my middle thirties. My true inspiration? I guess you could say never letting go of that dream inside of you.



That is a really good attitude to have! So, who are your favourite authors?


Gosh, there are so many! Belle Aurora, Cora Carmack, Lisa De Jong, Penelope Douglas, and Veronica Roth – I could go on forever.



If I had the space on my blog I'd let you! XD  Which, in your opinion is more important – story or characters?


The storyline. You can have the best character in the world but if your plot falls flat it’s gonna suck. You have to keep your reader interested.



Speaking of story, what do you look for in a good story?


I’m a sucker for romance and friendship. There’s so much violence and bitchiness in the world, I really don’t need to read about it over and over. I don’t mind it, but don’t let it rule every page. I like suspense just like every other reader, but some authors forget about good ole’ romance and friendship and skip right on to sex, blood and gore.



Yup. I have to agree with you there. What’s the best advice you can give to authors?


A good book is all about pacing a story just right. Don’t repeat the same word over and over; you’ll irritate your reader. Use a thesaurus – magical little book filled with wordlist.  



So, what are you working on at the moment?


I’ll be working on a Novelette that will be released in an anthology with two amazing other authors.



Mmmmmm, interesting. I look forward to reading that! Do you have any favourite characters in the story?


No, every character in Wake Me Up holds a specific place in my heart.



If your book was turned into a film/TV series, who would you get to play the characters?


Would love for Mike Vogel to play Aiden, and Emma Watson to play Emma. They’d be my dream team. As for the mother, gosh, that’s another cup of tea all together.



Do you have any other hobbies other than writing?


I have a bird sanctuary. I house more than 600 birds, from Australian finches to some Amazon beauties. I have Koi, Sugar Gliders and 4 dogs than keeps me busy, as well.



Oh wow! That's cool! So I take it that if they ever remake The Birds, they'll be calling you up then? lol! Anyway, these next ones are just for fun. Are you a summer or winter person?


I’m a spring and fall person. I don’t like it too hot and not too cold.



Night owl or morning person?


Both. I go to bed at between 1 and 2 a.m. and I’m up at 5 a.m.



Yikes! I don't think I could do that! Fair play to you! Favourite food/drink?


Anything unhealthy.  I love Sprite zero and coffee. Don’t like dinner.



Yeah, unhealthy is awesome! Now, the important question. Who would win in a fight between a zombie ninja dragon and a cyborg unicorn with advanced weaponry?


Mmm… Cyborg Unicorn. I think the zombie ninja dragon’s gonna wipe-out due to being a bit on the slow side. (That’s if he’s like all the other zombies I’ve seen in movies, and he’s a slow poke). Plus, I’m a girl. I like girlie stuff. You put a unicorn there and I’m bound to choose the unicorn, even if it comes with armour.



Fair enough. Ok, now this is the pretty cool stuff! You’re a superhero – what powers would you prefer out of each list and why?


 Superstrength or superspeed?


Wowza – uhm… speed, I’m and impatient person.



Ok, flight or teleportation?


Teleportation – again, faster method of transport.



Gale-force breath or freeze breath?


(I hope both of these come with breath mints.) I’ll go with freeze. I might kill someone with gale-force. Safety first!



I'm sure we can chuck a few in for you! XD Heat vision or telekinesis?


Damn, telekinesis. For the safety of mankind. Can’t go burning up the planet, now can we?



No we can't! Invincibility or accelerated healing factor?


Invincibility, of course. You won’t need the healing factor if you’re all invincible. I like this one!



Thanks for the interview, Dan! This was so much fun. I’d like to add that I’m giving away 3 copies of Wake Me Up to three of your lucky readers.




No worries, Michelle. It was a pleasure! And yeah, as you heard guys, she's giving away 3 copies of her critically acclaimed novel Wake Me Up, and all you have to do to get one is to leave a comment below!


You can follow Michelle at the following links:








Thanks for coming Michelle! Hope you enjoyed it! And thanks for reading, guys. Have a great day!


Happy Reading everyone ;)







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Character Interview with Zarracka Dragonkin

Hey guys - my character Zarracka Dragonkin was featured in an interview on Tsukime Reads and Reviews recently. Thought it would be fun to share it with you guys!


Here, Zarracka tells all - from what she looks for in a man, how she got her name - and even how she feels about being paired up with a famous Disney Princess.


Can Tsukime survive this interview without being frozen? Read on and find out! Click on the picture below to be taken to the interview!







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Guest spot on Liss Thomas's Blog

Recently I was featured on the blog of Liss Thomas - for a fun Author Interview! Go check it out below!




Thanks for having me, Liss. It was a lot of fun!






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Guest Post on Characteristics

A couple of days ago I was featured on the blog of Patricia C Lee - who invited me along to do a little interview on her blog. This one is a little bit different than other interviews I've done before so I was really interested in doing it!


Thanks to Pat for having me. You can check out the interview at the below link!



Characteristics Interview



Don't forget to leave a comment on her blog and be sure to follow her for some other really cool stuff she features






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