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Legacy of the Dragonkin Teaser - Benji Dragonkin

Because you guys liked my last picture I put up (of Wispy the cat) from Legacy of the Dragonkin, I decided to show a little teaser of the main hero in the book.

Benji Dragonkin is the son of Daniar Dragonkin, the heroine of Trapped on Draconica (what do you mean you haven't read it yet? Shame on you!). He aspires to be a hero just like his mother and the second book basically involves him getting into scrapes. But he has a heroic fight at the end. He is named after Ben, the hero of Trapped on Draconica.


Benji is modelled after a lot of young heroes in shonen manga - such as Naruto, Yugi Moto and the like (although hopefully not as annoying!) I put him in to give the young adult readers a hero character and someone they can relate to. Much like his mother, he has a strong sense of duty and desire to do good - but he is a little naive on the ways to be warrior. Hopefully you guys will like him.


Next week I'm going to show an example of an artwork piece that features in the prologue of the book. Until then, keep checking back for more.


Also, I made a slight alteration on my "One Year On" blog. Check it out in the featured section (to your right ----->) to learn more.


Until then, catch you guys later.




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Character design by Alexis M Centeno 2012. Character concept by Dan Wright

Legacy of the Dragonkin Teaser - Wispy The Grimalkin

Another little teaser for you lovely people from my up and coming novel Legacy of the Dragonkin - now due for release Feburary 2013! Today, I'm going to showcase one of the new characters in the book - Wispy the Grimalkin.

Wispy is the new pet to Daniar Dragonkin and her family. She is of the race grimalkin, a race of talking cats. In the novel she acts as the voice of reason to the protagonist (his design to follow), but he often ignores her.


Wispy was put in to appeal to some of the younger readers. Even though my book will be intended more for the young adult readers, I do like to  include characters that appeal to all ages groups where possible. That and I just LOVE cats. In fact, I think the running theme with any of my books is that I try to put a cat in somewhere. In fact the inspiration behind Wispy was my own cat.


I also wanted to showcase this to demonstrate the different levels that my artist Alexis M Centeno can draw. Most of the images I've showcased from her have her drawing strong, heroic and fantastical creatures. Wispy is a more down to earth design and adds a "chibi" effect to the book. I think it's always good to showcase the different styles an artist can do. In fact, I have plans to possibly release a childrens book about Wispy in the future - once I get round to finish the million other novellas I have planned!


Next week I'll have a design for the protagnoist of the story - and in later weeks some sample chapters!


Until then, have a great week!




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Wispy's image copyright Alexis M Centeno. Character by Dan Wright.

Legacy of the Dragonkin Teaser - The Kthonian Knights

Firstly, a huge apology for this post coming up a day late. My computer got attacked by a really badass malware last night - which completely ruined my evening plans! Fortunately, thank's to the genius that is my dad, we hopefully got it sorted and I seem to be up and running now!

Another quick note, those that follow me on Triberr - I'm unable to access my account for a little while, so I won't be able to repost anyone's links for a few days. So for those whose links I normally repost, please don't take it too personally if I don't repost them!

Anyway, back to the post that SHOULD have been up yesterday. Just thought I'd give you guys an updated to my up and coming sequel to Trapped on Draconica, which will be titled Legacy of the Dragonkin. It's a novel that's set ten years after the events of Trapped on Draconica. This one will have a more kind of "traditional fantasy" element to it, but hopefully will maintain the same tone as the last book. Alexis M Centeno has signed onto do artwork for the book, so expect some stunning images!

Currently I have no release date, but I am looking to possibly have a copy of it out via ebook later this year, with a paperback to follow. But for the moment, I thought I'd give you guys some teasers to what you can expect from the book - in the form of concept images!

Today I'm going to be giving you some concept images for the villains of the piece - the Kthonian Knights. The Kthonian Knights are my version of the Four Horsemen - only with a more feminist edge! The idea being is that each of these women (and one male) have been hurt in the past by the treachery of men and are seeking revenge. They aren't your typical "femme fatales" and will mess you up if you anger them! Also, the main villain is one that I've written as an evil counterpart to Daniar. You thought Emperor Gothon was evil, you haven't seen anything yet!


All images are copyright Dan Wright and Alexis M Centeno 2011


Leader of the knights and the main villaness of the story. Arch enemy to Daniar Dragonkin (the heroine of Trapped on Draconica) Jihadain leads the knights in a quest to ressurect a mara by the name of Kthonia. Her reasons for this are unclear, but there is one thing that is clear - she wants to destroy Daniar by any means possible!

Jihadain and Daniar have a kind of "Holme V Moriarty" kind of feel to them, except that Jihadain really wants to see Daniar destroyed. But also she seeks revenge for the men who killed Kthonia and wants to bring her back to life so that she can destroy the world. Think of her as a kinda of Sepiroth meets Magento kinda gal. Jihadain also has some kick ass dark magic at her disposal.



A shadori half-breed and second in command. Originally sold as a slave girl, she grew up hating men for the way they abused women - until she was rescued by Jihadain. She now owes Jihadain a debt and will follow her unquestionably. She speaks in a smooth and sensual way - yet is utterly cold. She takes pleasure in making people suffer (especially men).

Abyss was granted magical powers to read someones mind and see their worst fear - bringing it to life and turning it against them. She uses this to torture and kill her enemies. She is also a master at using balisong knives (butterfly knives).



Taken from her home as a child, Furie was abused and used for depraved acts until she was saved by the knights. The youngest of the group, Furie is hot headed and willing to rush into battle. She is known for bouts of extreme mood swings and can enter a berserk rage.

Furie's power is that she can use her own blood as a weapon (representing her suicidal desires when she was alive). By cutting herself and letting her blood flow, she can created weapons from her own blood to use against her enemies. However this drains her strength.

Alexis actually submitted this design as part of a colleage project (hence why it looks different from the others) and apparently everyone liked it. Hopefully you guys will to!



The only male member of the knights and Furie's brother. He was a Leonidan that ran away from battle and had his arms removed as a punishment. He came across the knights as he was waiting to die, but Furie recognised him as her brother and begged for him to be saved. Jihadain agreed on this condition, however Ravage has proven himself a worthy bodyguard to the group, protecting the fiercely and showing loyalty to Jihadain.

The brawn of the group, Ravage possesses superhuman strength and is nearly invincible. His armour is made from the flesh of those he has killed and he has two blades where his hands once were (they aren't really transparent - that was just to give an idea of what his armour looked like.

His name is actually a play on late wrester Randy Savage (aka the Macho Man), but his design is more punk based.


Hope you like the designs! Any questions feel free to comment.

Just a heads up, tomorrow's post will be delayed by a day due to me being out all day. The interview with Deanna Kipling will be posted on Thursday.

Again, sorry for the late posting. Thanks for your patience!




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