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Draconica The Dragonkin at Web Toon Challenge League!

The world of Draconica is expanding into comic form! Me and artist Alexis M Centeno have entered the Webtoon Challenge League with our web comic Draconica - The Dragonkin.


The story is a remake of my own Draconica series, but this time told from the POV of fan favourite Zarracka Dragonkin. In this story, Zarracka is being hunted after trying to murder the King of Brittana - and she tries to defend herself against an overzealous bounty hunter.


Episode 1 is up now. Click on the picture below to be taken to it and read.



There will be a new episode each week so this should give you a little teaser of what is to come!
Please vote for this and share wherever you can. The more votes we get, the more chance of it being a regular series. As of the time of this blog we've had a generous amount of votes, but we could do with a lot more. If you would love to see the Draconica series turned into a regular comic series, please take a moment to vote for it.
Thanks for reading guys. More episodes will be uploaded as they come.



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Final Ragnarok Competition - win a free copy of Final Ragnarok: She Returns

Well, Final Ragnarok: She Returns less than a week for release, I figured it was time that I put out a little competition to get you guys ready for the release.


Starting today up until the release of Final Ragnarok: She Returns (7th August), you guys have a chance to win yourself a free ebook copy of Final Ragnarok: She Returns. How do you win it? Simple, each day up until the release, I will be giving away a free copy of Final Ragnarok: She Returns EVERY SINGLE DAY to one lucky reader! How do you win? As a famous meerkat once said - "Simples!"


Each day in the FB event page, I will be posting a teaser picture from Final Ragnarok: She Returns. All you have to do is add a comment below of what caption you would give this picture (sorta like a meme if you will). Funniest or cleverest one I think will win a free ebook! Simple as that! You can put any caption you like, but please keep them clean guys - overly offensive ones will be disqualified.


The competition has begun now - so head over to the FB Event Page to get started!




Good luck peeps!!!








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Interview with Alexis M Centeno

Guys, I got a real treat for you today. Recently, I reconnected with Alexis M Centeno, the original artist for the Draconica series. Many of you who follow my work will know the huge contribution that she has made to her series - her art setting the standard for all other Draconica art that followed. She is an amazingly talented artist and, whilst she no longer works on the Draconica series, it was great for her to reconnect.


So, as a special treat, she agreed to do an interview on my blog - and we can even show you the mini comic that she drew for me as well! So sit back and relax and let's catch up with one of the most talent artists I have ever worked with.





Tell us a bit about yourself – how did you first get into art?


I’ve been drawing my whole life. It’s just something I have to do.



Who would you say are your influences?


That is really hard to pinpoint these days:). For the last few years, I’ve been a sponge soaking up whatever catches my eye. I don’t even put too much thought anymore; if I like something; whatever it is, I’ll put it into a design; the more outside the box the better.



What are your major artistic tools you are using at the moment?


3D has really expanded my toolbox. I would say I use ZBrush and MAYA as much as Photoshop these days. For the sake of staying competitive, I have to use a lot of different 3D apps and plugins, but ZBrush is a great tool even for 2D illustrators.



How did we (you and Dan) first meet?


It’s been a long time, but I think it all started with me answering an ad on a comic book forum. Dan was (and still is) very easy to work with and it just took off from there.



What was it like working on the Draconica series?


Draconica was probably one of the most important artistic experiences of my life. I learned a lot about how to work with a writer. Luckily, Dan was very open with his story and characters; he never stifled my creativity and was always very encouraging. It was a fun experience and I’m very glad I answered that ad.



What have you been doing since Draconica?


Working on Draconica gave me the confidence to pursue other areas of art, so I took time to finish my BFA in computer animation and work on characters in 3D. Right now it looks like I’m coming full circle by doing pre-viz work for an animated short tentatively called Grandpa that I would like to complete by Halloween 2014. Stay tuned to my blog,  for updates.



Do you still follow the Draconica series in any way or have you moved onto bigger things?


I drew the characters for several years and it is hard not to become a little possessive. It was better for me to put some distance. However, the story continues and I am happy to see it succeed. Draconica and its characters will always be special to me. Based on the people’s appetite for good fantasy, it’s only a matter of time until Dan’s books reach a much wider audience.



Do you have any favourite characters in the Draconica series?


There are so many wonderful characters to choose from, but Mordak and Zarracka remain my favourites.



And who are your least or most hated characters?


I was never a fan of Daniar. Maybe because Zarracka was my favourite princess and I saw Daniar through her eyes.



What do you think about the forthcoming book Final Ragnarok: She Returns? Are you excited about it? What do you think is going to happen – and what are you most looking forward to?


I recently saw the trailer and it seems very exciting. During the making of Legacy of the Dragonkin, Dan had mentioned a few shocking plot points he was considering for the future. Should be interesting what made it in and what didn’t. I’m also excited about Dan’s other projects outside this series; he’s been very busy.



Now, let’s talk a little bit about the commission you’re doing for me – a mini comic called The Bad Girls of Draconica





What’s happening in this picture? Who are these characters and what is about to happen?


One of the most interesting aspects of working with Dan were the “what if” illustrations. He would write up a scenario and I would illustrate it. I never knew if it would go into the story of if he was testing things out to see if it would work.  Here is a “what if” Zarracka and Kthonia teamed up to take down Mordak and Lucia. Here the two ladies are agreeing to use their wind powers to get rid of them. They’re both powerful and confident, so I wanted to show their playful side.





Looks like some serious stuff is going down here! Can you tell us what’s happening?


Here Mordak is going in for the kill, but the ladies combine their power to literally blow him to pieces.





And finally, what’s happening to the poor guy here?


Blowing up Lucia seemed a bit much, so here he gets a tap from the cyclone and that is enough to send him hurtling to space like old school team rocket.



Moral of the story: don't f*** with the ladies of Draconica! XD So what’s next for you?


My post-grad experience has been very technical. I spent a lot of time learning software, and that’s great, but working on this commission for Dan reminded me how much I love to draw and I haven’t stopped since. I do hope I can recruit enough artists to make an animated short happen; I think it will be very special and allow me to do both the 2D and 3D art I enjoy so much. I also hope it will put another spotlight on Miami based 3D artists. There is so much talent here, but it often goes unrecognized.



Finally, one more question before you go. If you had the option to spend one day with one of the characters from the Draconica series, who would it be and why?


Based on how I answered the questions above, Zarracka would be the obvious choice. She knows how to have fun :)



Be sure to follow Alexis at to check out more of her upcoming projects and more excellent art! Thanks to Alexis for being here today!







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Countdown to Final Ragnarok

Exciting news guys! Ahead of Final Ragnarok: She Returns, today I've released a short prequel Manga titled Countdown to Final Ragnarok.


This Manga takes place after the events of Legacy of the Dragonkin, but before Final Ragnarok. It includes the return of Dylan and Alix from The Wandering Valkyr as they discover a monstrous plan that could spell the end of all Draconica!


You can read this Manga for free by clicking on the scary looking picture of the Man in Shadow. The countdown has now begun...






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A Couple of New Videos

Hey guys. I got some exciting news for you! I recently uploaded a couple of videos to my Youtube channel and figured that it's only fair that I share it with you lot!


The first video I want to share is the official trailer for Final Ragnarok: She Returns. I've already done a couple of teaser trailers for it, but this is the official trailer. Final Ragnarok is shaping up to be one of the most intense stories in the Draconica series so far - it's going to be a big one!



The second one is a new fan parody series I've made. Remember how the Man in Shadow said that he was going to gather an evil army? Well the bastard actually did it! He's teamed up with some of the most despicable minds to create the team of - Totalitarian Warlords and Termination Squadron!
Follow the first of his adventures here:



Enjoy guys! More Final Ragnarok stuff is to come in the following months. Keep your eyes peeled. :)







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