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The Trapped on Draconica Blog Tour!


It gives me great pleasure to announce the dates for the Trapped on Draconica Blog Tour. Whilst this is only a short tour, I intend to make it leave a lasting impression.


Seven fantastic authors and websites have agreed to help host this tour and I am very grateful for them taking part. This will be a lot of fun and I'm already looking forward to it - and I hope that you all will be a part of it also.


The dates of the tour (as well as links to the blogs involved) are as follows.


19/11/12 Unwritten – Come visit this day to feature a special guest interview with all your favourite characters from Trapped on Draconica!

20/11/12 Sasha Summers – A little post that talks about how Greek Mythology was a major inspirations and how I believe it inspired the Fantasy genre in general.

21/11/12 Sheenan Freitas – I talk with a fellow Manga fan about how Manga art inspired my writing and how it continues to this day.

22/11/12Michelle Horst – For those not familiar with the story of Trapped on Draconica, this is the chance for you to find out in this guest post.

23/11/12 Alana Woods – Alana Woods asks me some questions in a fun little interview where I reveal a little about myself and my life.

24/11/12 Trickster Eric - The creator of the Trapped on Draconica TV Tropes page has something special planned for us. Details to follow.

25/11/12 Read2Review - We end the tour with my friends at Read2Review, who have been extremely supportive of my writing over the months I've been reviewing for them. This will be a little guest post about two important factors that helped with the creation of the world of Draconica.


And that's not all. I am running not one but TWO great prizes! during this time! As it's coming up to Christmas around that time, I'm feeling uber-generous and have a number of great prizes available. Continue reading for more details.


For each blog, I am giving away ONE free limited edition Trapped on Draconica ebook per blog for one lucky reader of that blog. This is a special version of Trapped on Draconica that is not currently for sale and is only available exclusively through this blog tour. It contains a teaser chapter for the sequel, Legacy of the Dragonkin (out next year), so if you want a little look into the next chapter then this is for you!


The ULTIMATE prize pack contains the following - this is the biggest set of prizes that I have ever given away so if you want something special this year, this is for you!


1 X Signed paperback copy of Trapped on Draconica.

1X One page mini-comic extra.

1X Trapped on Draconica T-Shirt.

1X Signed piece of artwork by Alexis M Centeno herself.

1X Artwork book showing character sketches and an interview with the artist.

1X Scrapbook containing teaser artwork/character profiles for the sequel novel Legacy of the Dragonkin. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)


The link for this one will be included in each blog. The competition starts on 19th November and lasts until 26th November, by which time the winners will be announced after that date.


I hope you're all as excited about this as I am. So please join me on 19th November to get this thing going. And please share this post with your friends to let them know of this great prize opportunity! Keep watching this space for further details!


Next week, for Halloween, I take on the most frightening game of all time in my first ever Let's Play video! Come back here to watch me (maybe) scare myself stupid!


Until next time, take care and have a great weekend!




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More ways to read the world of Draconica!

Great news for my UK readers. Createspace (who print my book) have now opened up their distrubution channels to include most of Europe. Previously you could only purchase a copy of the paperback through the US (Createspace and Amazon), but now people in the UK can purchase a copy of my books in paperback format (it is also available in some places in Europe, but I don't know all the links).


So, being that Monday is usually my day where I talk a little about my writing, why not do a little harmless self promoting? For those who'd like a shinny new paperback copy of any of my books, the links are now below.










For those who prefer kindle versions, you can also download these as ebooks. Like I say, these are also available through Europe Amazons, but I don't know all the links.


So to get yourself a nice shiny new paperback (at not unreasonable prices) click on the links above! With Trapped on Draconica you also get outstanding artwork as well as a pretty decent story! And while you're at it (after reading) why not give it a quick review to let everyone know what you thought ot it?


That's it for the moment guys. Be sure to check back on Wednesday for another blog!






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The Wandering Valkyr out now on Smashwords!


Hey guys. Following on from my first post about the Wandering Valkyr (see here for my previous post about it), I'm pleased to inform that the book is now available to purchase through Smashwords on multiple formats!

To check it out, please move your mouse over to this lovely link here , and you will be able to purchase a copy for yourself at a very reasonable price of less than a dollar!

The book will also be available through Amazon Kindle very soon as well - just formating some issues with some artwork. If you can't wait, you can download a kindle version through Smashwords right now!

The book is recommended for readers aged 15 and upwards. Contains some implied nudity and some violence.

Don't forget you can also get very good discounted rates on my first novel, Trapped on Draconica as well.


The above novel introduces you to the world of Draconica and the main storyline to the book. It is available as both a paperback and ebook. Currently offering some great discounts through the Read2Review catalogue. For details, click below.


Read2Review Catalogue


Thanks to those who have purchased a copy already and for the feedback thus far. I'll have more details about my writing in the future every Monday on my blog - so keep checking back for more details.

You can also find out more information about my books on my website at!dan%27s-writings.


Next post will be Monday, whereby I interview Ryan Schneider, author of the Go-Go Kids series.

Until next time, guys!




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